Four Watch Winder With Japanese Mabuhci Motors and LED Light

Separate knob switch control for each turntable, 5 different TPD (Turns Per Day settings), clockwise, counter clockwise or bidirectional rotation., Japanese Mabuchi motors, four metal bearing supported watch holder drum., Soft spongy egg shaped watch holders, virtually silent operation., High quality fine piano finish exterior, interior is lined with fine leatherette.
Manufacturer: Belocia
Manufacturer part number: BEL-W4BK
Old price: $400.00
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Display and wind your watches in a classy manner, since you are looking for a watch winder that wind's 4 automatic watches, you must be an enthusiastic fine watch lover and collector, rest assured that your fine watches will be wound and displayed properly in this high quality watch winder. We wanted to make this winder one of the best on the market at an affordable price, with our more than 10 years of experience in this field and our customers feed backs during this time we implemented all the options that we believed an automatic watch collector will want in a watch winder. Interior is lined with fine leatherette and comes with spongy egg shaped watch pillows to hold your watch firm in the turntable drum. Exterior is high gloss fine piano finish with an astonishing 6 coats of lacquer to give mirror like look. Door sensor if you enable this door sensor with a switch on the back of the unit, rotation will stop when you open the door and resume after closing the door. LED light switch, you can turn LED light option on or off with a switch on the back of the unit. This winder is programed to complete set numbers of TPDs in 12 hours, and turn itself to sleep mode for the next 12 hours, when 24 hour cycle is complete it will start over again. So you have the option to make this unit work during the day or at night. It has 5 different TPD (Turns Per Day) settings, 650, 750, 850, 1000 and 1950 TPD, and 3 rotation modes, clockwise, counter clockwise or bidirectional rotation. 650TPD: rotates 60 seconds every 10 minutes. 750TPD: Rotates 60 seconds every 9 minutes. 850TPD: Rotates 60 seconds every 8 minutes. 1000TPD: Rotates 60 seconds every 7 minutes. 1950TPD: Rotates 60 seconds every 3.5 minutes This particular Accuratic watch winder is designed to wind and display your fine automatic watches with several options that you cannot find on most watch winders on the market.